Budget Bathroom Reno Ideas for Under $10,000

Can I update my bathroom for $10,000?… yes, you can!

Without structural changes, and by retro-fitting your plumbing, you can make your bathroom more functional, and give it pizzazz.

Consider one, or a few of the below, to come in on budget.


Nothing breathes life into a bathroom more than indoor plants; and some species thrive in a humid environment.

Visit your local hardware to enquire about a starter kit. If you have a handy friend, have them attach a sealed timber grid to the wall (think pallets).


For a cottage or cabin look, install PVC panelling.

It’s perfect for wet zones; and repels mould and mildew.

It’s great for insulation; and is low maintenance.


Feature tiles that don’t break the bank.

Fibre-reinforced concrete tiles are light yet durable; and available in a variety of shapes and sizes – think Moroccan or a classical feature.

Choose a textured finish for a non-slip floor.


Embrace a range of colours, and styles. The options are endless for this affordable finish.

Use on cabinets, as benchtops; and on the floor; where there are now boards that eliminate rot and insulate sound more effectively than the older ‘laminate’ cousins.


It’s the depth, not length, that is the treat here - great for meditating and feeling the joy of a true soak.

These aren’t cheap – but if you were just to have this in your revamped bathroom, it would be the feature; and you’d be grateful for many baths to come…


Make your bathroom look larger with a carefully considered vanity or basin.

Source a wall-hung vanity or pedestal that is 360mm deep; or have a carpenter build a stand-alone shelf with a free-standing rectangular or oval vessel, with wall taps or a mixer for minimalist appeal.


Ditch the caravan site-esque cubicle and extend the same floor tile into your recess for a seamless look…

You can purchase ready-made semi frameless glass; or have one custom made. Update your mixer and showerhead for that tropical waterfall splash.

Look for a high WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme) rating.


Hide the limp hanging curtain; and if privacy is required, include a louvred PVC plantation timber-look shutter (sliding, hinged or bi-fold).

These are flame retardant, need no maintenance, and have a 20-year warranty.


Move on from the 70s oyster light; and replace it with a pendant – shopping for a pendant is like shopping for sweets; such a delicious assortment.

Feature, and then dim it so that you can relax in your new Japanese bath.


From walls, above vanities, to the back of doors, (and only for the brave, ceilings…) – these throw around the light; make a room look larger, and who doesn’t love a touch of glam…

Frameless, rimless, gold, or timber framed – a mirror is the easiest way to transform a room.

You don’t have to drill holes; some double-sided adhesive strips can do all the work.

Email me your updated bathroom for under $10,000 – or share some of your handy revamp bathroom tips…