#IDIstudent Feature w/ @ninteen85&co

One of my lovely students at The Interior Design Institute has been submitting some fantastic assignments, while also creating some beautiful interiors. Today, I wanted to share some of her work; and to learn what has inspired her along the way...

What inspired you to become an Interior Designer?

"I’ve always had creative interests and a love for colour. Interior design and the way in which a space works, has always interested me. It wasn't until my husband and I bought our first home, that I really started thinking more about it.

"I enjoyed selecting items to make our house a home, but the one thing it was lacking, was colour!

"When our first baby was on its way, I picked up a paint brush for the first time - turning a spare room into a woodlands-theme nursery. From there I had the bug. I transformed 3 more bedrooms and the laundry to a more practical space. When we moved into a new home in 2016, I decided it was time to start thinking about my future and what I wanted to do. Interior design is something that kept crossing my mind; as I was once again adding my own personal touches to our new home. So after 6 months of research, and a bit of encouragement from my husband and a close friend, I signed up; and here I am today, a student with IDI."


Why did you choose to study with IDI?

"After investigating my options online I came across IDI. I needed something to work around family life, being a busy mum of 2 girls under the age of 5; and still being able to fit in time for hobbies, fitness and a social life.

"Being able to study online; and having a support network and tutor via IDI, was just what I was looking for. Flexibility was going to be the key; and has since worked!"

What has been your favourite part of the course?

"It's hard to pick just one part! Absolutely loved Module Six: colour, learning in-depth the science behind colour and the psychology effect it can have. People have always commented that I have an eye for colour, so I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about it.

"I also found Module Two: The History of Style, Decoration & Architecture very interesting. Before becoming a mother, I worked in Christchurch’s CBD surrounded by some beautiful architecture. So when we were assigned the assignment of selecting 5 different types of architecture from 3 different centuries, I made it my point to make sure all 5 of mine were from this city. We have lost so many interesting buildings to the earthquakes; and I looked at this assignment as a chance to learn about the heritage of Christchurch."

Find out more about Sarah's journey with the IDI course via her IG @nineteen85&co.