Creating A Little Garden

Who doesn’t love a little garden…

Have you read the book “My Secret Garden”? It’s all about the joy of discovery.

A garden can be a feast for the eyes; perfume; a garnish, that missing ingredient – OR, a discovery; something in ourselves that finds sowing a seed, and watching it grow, meditational.


You don’t need a plot of land, or a flowerbed - you can create your own little secret garden by recycling those items you might usually discard – from an old jam jar, wooden palette, tins; to those used up candle ceramic vessels.

Plant a herb, a flower, or a spicy chilli, and watch the ‘good things grow’.

A balcony can be formal with urns and topiary; or pots of mini orange citrus and lavender… to bring the scent indoors…

A little garden brings a smile onto your face…

A few garden homes that you might not have thought of:

Egg or coconut shell

Biscuit tin or tea caddy

A tin watering can

And who doesn’t love a terrarium?

How to care for your garden:

Set up a compost tin for your vegetable scraps; or for those more ‘adventurous’, a worm farm.

Buy good potting soil and water twice a week. Avoid wetting the leaves, as this can cause them to rot.

For those who don’t have a balcony, some little green numbers can live on a sunny windowsill – some plants don’t even need the sun, for example African violets and money plants.

If you don’t have a green thumb, cacti and air plants thrive on neglect…

At the end of the day, you might just want to plant mint…


Cocktails anyone?

Do you have any creative garden homes for your plants? Share yours in the comments below!